Working As A Nurse Without NCLEX In The USA : How easy?

Working as a nurse in the USA without NCLEX is becoming increasingly difficult. It used to be very easy to get a nursing job without NCLEX back then, when NCLEX was taken only 2 times in a year. Job opportunities available were given to Graduate Nurses (GN) before they take NCLEX, on the basis that; they should not wait so long without doing anything or gaining experience. But today, NCLEX is taking round the year at anytime. The result only takes few days to be ready if not almost immediately. Graduate nurses do not have to wait as long as the NCLEX exam is taken twice in a year. Employers in the USA now have many nurses with NCLEX, this limit the chances of GN without NCLEX. Employers will rather employ a Nurse with NCLEX to save them the headache of having to track staff certification status.

However in some state where demand for trained nursing hands is high, job opportunity still exist for nurses without NCLEX. So nurses in such states or environment are tempted to pick up a job, and then plan to take the NCLEX exam while on the job. By so doing, they can get a level of financial security, gain experience and funds for the NCLEX exam as well.

The decision to work in the USA without a NCLEX is a tough one, and it has its pros and cons. What you want to achieve as an individual and the needs to be met can help define your drive or choice on if you should work with or without NCLEX.

You can work in some part of the USA as a nurse without NCLEX, either at the hospital or in other health care facilities, but sitting for NCLEX and passing the exam will place you at higher advantage of being employed with good pay into your dream job position. Many times, Nurses without NCLEX are employed at cheaper pay and status; some remain at certified Nursing Assistant-CNA level until they produce NCLEX pass evidence.

There are other non-clinical jobs options for nurses without NCLEX in the USA, especially in locations or states where it is difficult to get a job without passing NCLEX exams. Some of such non-clinical jobs include medical device sales, pharmaceutical sales, healthcare product sales, nursing informatics job, medical writer for firms, nursing administrator, insurance agency job, patient advocate job positions, plus others.

Circumstances many times drive nurses to look for jobs while they attempt NCLEX exams, the perfect situation will be to pursue both job and NCLEX simultaneously. Therefore set out on your job hunt at the same time schedule and prepare for your NCLEX test-date. This is one good approach to starting your career as a nurse.