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Nurse-Patient Relationships: Why Communication Is Important

The list of things that nursing students are expected to learn and remember sometimes seems endless.  One of the most important, often overlooked, skills is the ability to build good nurse-patient relationships. If you are not sure what it takes to build a strong nurse-patient relationship, this article has been […]

image of a nurse researcher in a laboratory

What Is a Nurse Researcher?

There are many specialty areas in the field of nursing. Consider your likes and dislikes and then see what areas may be a good fit for you. For example, if you are a nurse who loves to learn new things and enjoys utilizing new information to help promote patient care, […]

image of nurse holding world globe; nurse internationally

Can I Work As A Nurse Internationally?

If you are a nurse and you love to travel, working as a nurse internationally may be the perfect career path for you! A sense of adventure and a desire to care for people from different walks of life are a great combination for this exciting nursing option. Many nurses […]

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Can Nurses Work From Home?

For many, the idea of working in an ever-changing industry, such as nursing, is quite exciting.  A career in nursing offers many benefits. One benefit is the option of furthering education and obtaining a higher degree in the field.  Also, with experience, many nurses find there are more opportunities to […]

flight nursing

Is Flight Nursing Dangerous? (Facts & More)

Are you are the type of nurse who likes to work in a fast-paced, non-traditional setting? If you are, flight nursing may be just what the doctor ordered for you! One of the most commonly asked questions about flight nursing is, How Dangerous Is It? The truth is, there are […]

nurse educator

The Beginner’s Guide to Becoming a Nurse Educator

When you combine a love for nursing with the love of teaching others, you find a career as a nurse educator. Nurse educators play a significant part as role models and mentors to the nurses of tomorrow. Nurse educators can make a long-lasting impression and have a positive impact upon […]